About Us

Company GreenLife

“GreenLife” Construction Company – Active on Georgian construction market since 2014. “GreenLife” proud in her wonderful team, who offer new ideas and quality that equates to the European standard.

The main goals and factors of “GreenLife”:
● Ecology (construction in a clean environment)
● Quality (environmentally friendly, high-quality material)
● Reliability (company's uses her own financial resources)
● Style (modern and exquisite design)
● Stability (years of experience)
● Execution (On-time Delivery)

The company’s locations are specifically chosen in clean and ecologically friendly areas in the Capital city of Tbilisi. Our employees use only environmentally friendly and quality products for construction.
It is important to note that all construction of the company is financed at the initial stage, which is a guarantee of completion of construction.

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